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Monday, December 3, 2018

The Legend of our big gate


  1. The legend says that there was an eiht year old boy who was very fat and tall. Everyone laughed at him because of his size and because he couldn't get through the door and he had to go in with a helicopter. After lots of years suffering bullying he comitted suicide. So the school decided to build a big door and since then no one has ever felt excluded.
    By: Marina, Maria, Laia P, Laura

  2. The legend of the big door
    The legend says that long time ago, a group of people decided to create a school called Santa Teresa de Lisieux. While they were building it, one of the founders dreamed about a giant who told him that he wanted to enter school. The man told him it wasn't going to be possible because the giant wouldn't fit through the door.
    After that, the giant threatened the man saying that he would step on the school, so the builders created a huge door.

    Carla Sanchez, Marta Rosain, Marc Martinez, Ylenia Ronquillo

  3. The legend of our big gate:

    The legend explains that a hundred years ago, the school that we all know was a nuns school. The head-teacher of the school was a nun called Teresa, this nun had a strange power, she could change her height in especific moments, so when she arrived at school every morning she reduced her height. At the end of the day when she had to return home she got tall again.

    Carlos Torremorell
    Alex Serra
    Enric vives

  4. The legend says that hundreds of years ago, a man was living in this building. On those years, it was known that buildings with big entrances were habitated by rich people, so he decided to make it like that. Later on, he found that a lot of people wanted to enter his building, and he didn't want that much people getting inside of it, so he built it with little doors so he could control the people getting in.

    Paula Fernández, Clara León and Tamaris Burgos

  5. David Garcia, Mario Garcia, Xavier Lorca and Josep Compte.December 11, 2018 at 8:09 AM

    The legend of our bit gate.

    During the Spanish civil war, this school was used as a nacionalist defense and there was a republican building in front of it so, to protect the building they did a big gate wich they used to control the enemies with a hight altitude (like in Fortnite) and little door to don't allow their enemies to enter so easly in the case they got invaded.

  6. For many years ago, in several cities of Catalonia live giants called '' gegants del pi '', which did not have any type of resource to study.
    The Santa Teresa de Lisieux school volunteered to welcome these giants into their school. To accommodate them, the school had to modify the size of all its doors to adapt them to the size of these giants, and facilitate the entrance to all the classrooms.

    Aleix Jofré
    Ariadna Abad
    Artur Aubach

  7. The legend says in this school St Lisieux was a gigant's prison prison was for the gigant Walter. The big gate has small door, becayse the gigant couldn't escape out the builfing that nowadays a school

    Aida, Judit,Miteia Garcia and Alicia García

  8. The legends says in a neighbourhood called les Corts there was a school, its name is Santa Teresa de Lisieux, all the kids from the neighbourhood were studying there. But one morning, when the students were at class, the ground began to shake, the people thought that it was an earthquake. There was 3 giants exactly equal, and, simply with putting in front of the door, the main door started to grow up 3 meters.

    When the people pay attention to discover where the shake came from, in the distance, the population began to see the three giants.

    All the people got scared and ran out to catch the triplets, but the giants were very clever and they threw a small potion licorice shaped so that they all became giants like them, and it happened. All the students became as tall as the giants, and that is why the school door had to have the size of a giant.

    Today the door is still that way, but we don’t know where the giants are at the moment ...

    Cristina Molina, Aina Moreno, Rodrigo Ochoa.