Our school works on a lot of different activities in English. Let´s share this corner so that everybody will know what we do

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Reading BATX

This is the link to choose between all these novels the one you like the best.
Remember that l don´t ask you to do any special work. The work is the one you want to do: a summary, a recommendation, an opinion... What l want is that you read a book because you want to spend a good time the rest is up to you!!!!

Oxford Online learning Zone

Follow these instructions to practice English using this interesting and complete web by Oxford

1. Introduce the activation code at http://oolz.oupe.es/en/register
The code is Access code: OWCAU464361
Access key: jzcbfppc70247

2. Select a username, a password and an email
3. You must receive an email from oolz@oupe.es to validate your account
4. Once validated, you can start enjoying English

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer 2011

Hi people !!!!!!!!!
As The Beatles said: HERE COMES THE SUN
The sun is here and summer too, that means: free time, beach gazpacho, parties and above all NO SCHOOL.
No school does not mean ABSOLUT PARALISATION OF INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITY, so in further entries l will recommend you what you can do, read and work in summer to improve or just to enjoy English!!!

By now, just have a look of this classical British group.