Our school works on a lot of different activities in English. Let´s share this corner so that everybody will know what we do

Friday, October 29, 2010

Exercices on Modals perfect forms

Bona Castanyada!!!!

Don´t forget to do the following exercise to practice for the exam


Monday, October 25, 2010


Make this news become true!!!!

1 Batxillerat is going to participate in an attractive and powerful quiz. To do it you need a password to register as a student:

1 batx científic: http://www.nextstoplondon.org/student_register/29qotyfux/
1 batx socials: http://www.nextstoplondon.org/student_register/54aoeeeag/

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

autumne photo

Autumne means a lot of things, autumne means nostalgy, seeking for mushrooms, waiting for Halloween, wearing long sleeves. For me Autumne means wonderful landscapes full of colourful leaves. And for you, what does Autumne mean?

The activity to do is: SEND ME a photo related to Autumne and comment it on 2-3 lines:
-this photo can be from the Internet or, better, if you have taken it.
-the work is individual
-the activity finishes on 11th November
-remember my mail to send it: englishstl@hotmail.com

Ok, I invite you to take your mobile and look for a nice and original Autumne photo!!!!
TIME IS RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking activity 2 Batx


Next 4th November, you are going to do an speaking activity. lt will deal about human body so, you must prepare vocabulary concerning human body. I give you two webs worthy to use but if you find someone better, share it on the comments or write it to me.
This time the activity will be individual, you will be talking for 2 minutes and apart from this specific vocabulary, you will use comparison.

The webs are: www.eslhandouts.com